WISE – Registration & Information

Workshops in Sustainability and Equality

MESJ is very excited to present our third annual WISE conference. WISE will occur on Friday, October 21st, 2016 during the province-wide MTS Professional Development day. All teachers, student teacher candidates, educational assistants, and any other educators are welcome to attend.

This year we will fully embrace democratic participation as we greatly value the knowledge of our participants and the passion they bring to social justice issues. After reading the feedback from the last two years, as per your request, we wanted to ensure increased networking opportunities and time for action-planning with like-minded educators. With that in mind, this year’s format will include ‘edcamp’ style discussions*, democratic participation, networking opportunities, a flexible open space, and action planning time. While specific topics will largely be determined by our participants on the day, we anticipate the exploration of themes related to gender, race, class, sexuality, nationalism, democracy, political economy, and sustainability, all through the lens of education and pedagogy, and across all subject areas and grade levels.

Please find more information about the day below.

Click here for 2016 WISE poster

To register online, please click this link to go to our Eventbrite event: WISE Eventbrite Registration

Location and Parking Instructions


Location and Parking Instructions

Seven Oaks Met School, 640 Jefferson Ave.

Limited free parking is available at the Met School and across the street at Garden City Collegiate. Please read street signs carefully to ensure that you have not parking in a time-limited area.

The location of MESJdrink is Brick & Whisky Bar and Grill, 2184 McPhillips Street. This gathering takes place at 3:15, after the WISE workshops are finished for the day.

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Fair trade coffee and morning refreshments will be provided.

There are many restaurants in the vicinity or you may bring your own lunch.

8:30 Breakfast and Registration
9:15 MESJ Welcome
9:30 Small group discussions
10:00 Networking activity


11:00 Mini edcamp*-style workshops, with topics that may include:

  • Queer education
  • Precarious labour as an educator
  • Sexism, feminism, gender, and consent
  • Indigenous education – Indian act & treaties
  • Math in social justice
  • Pipeline protests & resource extraction
  • Social justice in pedagogy
  • Nationalism
  • Literature in social justice
  • Sports, militarism, and misogyny
  • The rise of the extreme right in the USA
  • How to talk about Palestine?
  • Oh Canada and 150 years
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Small group discussions
1:30 Where to now? (action planning)
2:30 Wrap-up & future events
3:00 End of WISE
3:15 MESJdrink at Brick & Whisky Bar and Grill

*Innovative  ‘edcamp’ style ‘unconferences’ are on the leading edge of professional development in education. Our goal is an organic, participant-driven professional learning experience by educators, for educators.  We believe with our collective experience we can help each other discover new ways of learning, teaching, and thinking about social justice, reignite this passion in the classroom, and pass it on to our students across the province.  We have set the schedule for the day but many of the specific details will be determined by the participants on the day of the event. Everyone is welcome to propose a discussion as conversation and collaboration are paramount. The day is largely participant-driven and while you do not need to ‘present’, anyone with a good idea is encouraged to lead a conversation as we hope the day will be all about learning and sharing. Please bring your sharable recourses. You are welcome to propose a discussion where you are the expert or where you are the one with questions or concerns as sometimes the best learning is born of informal conversation.

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