MESJ events

MESJdrink Last Friday of the month @ 4pm (please email to confirm)
Cousin’s Deli, 55 Sherbrook St



1st Tuesday (or Wednesday) of the month
Please email us to confirm the location details



WISE October 21st, 2016
Seven Oaks Met School, 640 Jefferson Ave
  • MESJdrink: A monthly relaxed social atmosphere to meet and network with fellow social justice educators
  • MESJmeet: Our formal monthly business meeting
  • MESJsalon:  Our version of a Salon (from the French word salon – a living room or parlor), is an intimate conversational gathering for discussing topical issues in order to further develop the understanding of the participants through debate and the exchange of ideas. This is typically a select group of intellectuals, scholars, artists, and educators who meet in the private residence of an inspiring host. Think: Gertrude Stein in 1920s Paris. It is an intimate gathering with a maximum of 20 people. To secure a seat in an upcoming MESJsalon and to join our conversation, please email us at You will be given the location of the residence once you sign-up. Snacks will be provided so a small donation to cover these costs will be appreciated. BYOB.
  • WISE (Workshops in Sustainability and Equality): Our annual professional development day

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