Savages, Servants and Scenery

In honour of Black History Month, I’d like to draw your attention to a unit one of our members developed: Savages, Servants, and Scenery: Africa and Africans, According to Hollywood. This film studies unit will examine the treatment of Africa in Film by Hollywood. Five classic Hollywood films are screened and critically examined. Students will […]

Mythbusting the Genetic Basis of Racism

Racism has become a hot topic issue in Winnipeg with the release of the Maclean’s article in January. As educators, MESJ feels we have an important role in helping our students learn the facts and see the truth behind all the rhetoric and stereotypes that float around in our media and local culture. On February 11th, we […]

Savages, Servants and Scenery: Africa and Africans According to Hollywood

This is a film studies unit that can be used for teaching media literacy or colonialism in English or Social Studies classes.  It is meant for upper-level high school students.  All films should be previewed by the teacher so that adaptations can be made, taking into account your comfort level, as well as the sensitivities […]