Mythbusting the Genetic Basis of Racism

Racism has become a hot topic issue in Winnipeg with the release of the Maclean’s article in January. As educators, MESJ feels we have an important role in helping our students learn the facts and see the truth behind all the rhetoric and stereotypes that float around in our media and local culture. On February 11th, we […]

Digging for justice in the mining sector

Mining is considered one of Canada’s foundational industries. Mining is part of the Canadian science curriculum, Canadian mines provide tours for tourists and many recent government policy changes favour expansion of this industry. Canada is seen as a haven for mining companies – 75% of the world’s mining companies are registered in Canada (regardless of […]

Shining light on the Sun

I read a recent article by Ezra Levant in the Winnipeg Sun. I believe it can be used to illustrate how propaganda techniques are used to reinforce the “constructed images” of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I have attached an analysis of the article and hope educators can use it in their study of Gaza. I would […]

Palestinian bid for statehood

Hello all, I am not sure if the Israeli attack was coordinated with the Palestinian bid for statehood…that would sound like a “conspiracy theory” but here are a few articles from CJPME that outline what is at stake and what your students can do to support the bid. Palestinian Bid (CJPME) Palestinian Statehood Bid for Statehood […]