Radical Teacher Blog

Teachers who are looking for a resource that is guided by socialist, feminist and anti-racist principles should look towards the Radical Teacher blog site. This site publishes a new volume every 6 months. The latest is entitled, “Radical Teaching and the Food Justice Movement”. Past volumes include: “Hip Hop and Critical Pedagogy” & ” Occupy and […]

John Amoko Replies

Mr. John Amoko, President of COSSCOM has replied and outlined the urgent need in South Sudan (See South Sudan blog post). Here are his comments: Thank you so much for your email and for your willingness to help in the upcoming fundraiser. This fundraiser is to specifically support those who were displaced by the war […]

South Sudan Support

We are concerned with the humanitarian crisis that has rocked South Sudan for the past month. The situation is complex and we will attempt over the next few weeks to help educators uncoverit’s complexity. For now, we believe that supporting the community here in Winnipeg is essential. The Council of South Sudanese Community of Manitoba […]