Some of the very kind words we received from WISE 2015. Thanks again for your support.

We wanted to say thank you for your support of WISE 2015. It was a record breaking year for us with approximately 75 people in attendance. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to know we are not alone and that there are like-minded educators out there. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working alongside you in the future. Many of you expressed interest in getting involved. Please get in touch if you would like to be a part of any of the following:

Thanks again,


WISE 2015 Feedback:

§  My thinking was challenged. It got me thinking about myself, my actions, and my teaching

§  It gave me inspiration when I’ve been low on inspiration lately

§  Wish there were three of me to attend all the sessions

§  There are many more intelligent, critical thinking, teachers out there than I thought

§  Enlightening and structured in an engaging way

§  Teaching topics of change as a way to inspire people to action

§  Connecting with like-minded educators and thinking about different ways to approach learning

§  My passivity was challenged

§  Affirming

§  Great discussions as how to frame content to inspire change, agency, and a sense of power in students

§  Very valuable. I appreciate the speakers and discussions

§  That I’m not the only one confused about how to put theory into action

§  Very engaging

§  WISE was reaffirming

§  Fulfilling and valuable

§  Great networking

§  Love the low cost

§  A very positive, great alternative to SAGE

§  Very informative

§  Very valuable

§  Liked networking with others

§  Felt personal and beneficial for discussion

§  Fulfilling

§  Well structured

§  Conversations that reinforced a positive look at very challenging issues

§  MESJ, keep doing what you do – it is needed and inspiring

§  I feel very re-energized

§  Affordable, meaningful, relevant

§  Any dialogue is a reason to have hope after 10yrs of none

§  It was a was a good chance to let ideas percolate and an opportunity to reflect on what we do in our classrooms

§  Refreshing

§  Great!

§  Seeing other like-minded teachers was inspiring for me

§  A fabulous alternative to SAGE with great speakers

§  I liked the structured small group discussions

§  Inspiring to be with caring, intelligent, thoughtful teachers

§  A wonderful alternative

§  The fact the MESJ actually exists and that there are colleagues to support it

§  Absolutely valuable day with great open dialogue

§  A welcome change

§  Well organized

§  Enjoyed it thoroughly

§  It allows for deeper discussion among people who have already laid some groundwork in being involved and informed

§  Great guest speakers


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