Some wonderful feedback from WISE 2014 participants!

“So valuable! So inspiring! I made connections to new material! I met new people! It was awesome!”

“Thought provoking”

“It reaffirmed that social justice should not take the backseat to curriculum and assessment.”

“WISE made my brain hurt with how much it challenged me and made me think.”

“I’ve been going to SAGE for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve stayed for the whole day.”

“It challenged my thinking and made me think outside the box.”

“Well thought out and enlightening”

“This day will definitely impact my classroom.”

“This was a valuable day for me psychologically to learn that I am not alone.”

“Eye opening”

“I think WISE should replace SAGE”

“It was valuable to me to question that perhaps our current system cannot simply be reformed but must be replaced.”

“More engaging and thought provoking than SAGE”

“It was great to meet like-minded educators who want to make a difference.”

“Wise was great. I’ll be back!”

“It felt like meaningful PD, which SAGE sometimes is and sometimes isn’t.”

“Loved the discussion on capitalism.”

“This was a valuable day for my spirit.”

“Much higher level & more thought provoking than regular SAGE conferences”

“You guys are passionate!”

“Great discussions”

“Way better than SAGE (you can put that on the poster!)”

“I gained insight on how to empower students to think and reason”

“It was a refreshing change.”

“Best SAGE day I’ve ever had”


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